Pushing the Pause Button

Conrad gives an update on the podcast and documentary film! Subscribe to the E-Newsletter at https://ptsd911movie.com/subscribe/   Request information...View Details

Mark Meincke is the host of the popular Operation Tango Romeo podcast - The Trauma Recovery Podcast. Today he's my guest on the PTSD911 Presents Podca...View Details

"If I could forget the trauma, my art would be very different." - Daniel Sundahl

Today on the PTSD911 Presents Podcast: Paramedic/Artist, Daniel Sun...View Details

Today on the show I talk with current APCO International President, Jason Kern. We discuss the current state of 911 Communications, wellness for 911 p...View Details

Host: Conrad WeaverGuest: Nick DaughertyToday's Episode: “So you want to be a millionaire”.  About Nick:Nick Daugherty began his career with the Grand...View Details

Host: Conrad WeaverGuest: Mirian “Bev” Perez
Today's Episode: Push the Reset Button About Bev:Mirian “Bev” Perez is a retired police officer, motivati...View Details

Host: Conrad WeaverGuest: David (Diem) Leath
Today's Episode: Side Hustles for First Responders About David: David (Diem) Leath was 20 years into his...View Details

On this episode of the PTSD911 Presents podcast, EMT and Author, Dennis Blocker II, talks about the personal toll of working in a level one trauma cen...View Details

Jeff Dill joins Host, Conrad Weaver to talk about firefighter wellness.   PLEASE SUPPORT THIS SHOW AND THE FILM:  https://bit.ly/3NjUSTC PTSD911 Podc...View Details

Host: Conrad Weaver Guest: ShaRonda Young-Calderon Today's Episode: Surviving Suicide About ShaRonda: ShaRonda Young Calderon is a mental health adv...View Details

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